Justice for Jean Dominique: 2000-2015

"Yo Touye Jando" by Maxan Jean Louis

“Yo Touye Jando” by Maxan Jean Louis

Early in the morning of April 3, 2000, a few minutes before the first news broadcast of the day, Jean Léopold Dominique, the director of Radio Haïti Inter, and Jean Claude Louissaint, an employee of the media, were gunned down in the courtyard of the station.  In the months and years that followed, Haitian people from all sectors of society, from peasant farmers to human rights activists, to people living abroad in the diaspora, as well as several international organizations and entities, demanded justice for the slain journalist.

The judicial investigation was a spectacle of deception, audacity, and malfeasance: several witnesses were murdered, died under sudden and mysterious circumstances, or simply disappeared; judges were threatened; some 75% of the evidence in the case vanished from the Haitian high court, and several of the major suspects, including Senator Dany Toussaint, , refused to cooperate with the investigation by claiming immunity, resorting to various technicalities, or simply not appearing in court.

21 March 2003, the formal investigation concluded that a group of relatively minor criminals were the assassins and accomplices; the investigation named no one as the sponsors or instigators of the killing.  Dominique’s widow, Michèle Montas, who herself had barely escaped an attempt on her life on 25 December 2002, in which her bodyguard Maxime Seide was killed, rejected these findings, bringing the case to the Appellate Court.

The result of that investigation were made public 11 years later, on 17 January 2014, leading to the indictment of 9 people, including Mirlande Libérus, a former senator from the Fanmi Lavalas party, accused as being the organizer of the double murder, Harold Sévère, former deputy mayor of Port-au-Prince, and Annette Auguste and Franco Camille, high ranking members of the party. Several of them, including Sévère, were previously arrested in the case but either were released or escaped from prison. Before the case could go to court, the main witness, former security chief at the National Palace, Oriel Jean was shot dead in the street on March 3, 2015.

Dominique’s assassination during the so-called democratic era is one of many political murders that have gone unsolved in a climate of impunity.  As of April 2015, fifteen years after Jean Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint were murdered, justice has not yet been served.


Tribute to a Free Man (Ochan pou yon nonm lib), 31 July 2000

Editorial: They Called Me Cassandra (On m’avait appelé Cassandre), 6 November 2001

Editorial: Why Jean Dominique?, 9 April 2002


  1. Robert Herard

    I do believe that Jean Do will find a suitable ,easure of JUSTICE if in 2016 the Haiti has a fair and honest president …RGP…Dany Toussaint..former senator Liberus know WHO wanted Jean Do to shut up Nonetheless they’re so exorcised and demon possessed that they are covering up for the BARON LAVALAS that also did away with Billy Lauture … I do have FAITH that one subtle morning one of the witnesses will sell out the Master Mind that all shrewd haitian
    know ordered the crime but does not want to pay the time …


  2. Moun yo konnen, yo byen konnen!
    Yo konnen byen, tande!

    Kite m di w!
    Menm moun ki te fè sansinen Lanperè
    sou pretèks li te yon move chimè ,
    Se menm moun sa yo ki te fè blan touye Chalmay Peralt
    Sou pretèks li se t on bandi.
    Se mwen k di w,
    Menm moun ki te fè sasinen Jando nasyonal nou Radyo Ayiti nou an,
    Se menm moun sa yo k ap touye tout Jean Claude Loussaint paske l se malere.

    M pa kache di w!
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    K ap pyafe ak gwo chèf je vèt nan tawonn nan?

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