Celebration of Carl Brouard: A Gathering of Writers and Poets, 15 Nov. 1962

Homage to Carl Brouard by Roger Gaillard, 4 Nov. 1965

Interview with Roger Gaillard on Rosalvo Bobo and the Caco Rebellion, 9 March 1968

Jean Price Mars Interview, January 1969


François Duvalier Speech, January 1971

Jean-Claude Duvalier Speech, September 1971

Luckner Cambronne, Minister of the Interior – Press Conference, 23 Nov. 1971

Interview with Michel Lamartinière Honorat, 10 Dec. 1971

Interview with Rose-Marie Desruisseau, 22 December 1972


Inter-Actualités Magazine, Special Report on “Boat People,” May 1980

Historical and political context of Haitian refugees in the Bahamas, 19 Sept. 1980

Editorial: Bon appétit, messieurs! 20 October 1980

Cayo Lobos – Who will take responsibility for the stranded Haitian migrants?  November 1980

Henri Namphy, Public Address After the Fall of Duvalier, 25 Feb. 1986

Henri Namphy, Public Address, 7 June 1986

Caritas’ Efforts to Replace the Creole Pig, November 1986

One-Year Commemoration of the Killings of “Twa Flè Lespwa” in Gonaïves, Featuring Venel Remarais, 27 Nov. 1986

Unrest in Gonaïves, 19 Nov., 3 Dec., 8 Dec. 1986

Rice Wars, Artibonite: Grassroots Leaders’ and Farmers’ Perspective, 1 Dec. 1986

Rice Wars, Artibonite: Interview with Prefect and Commissioner in Gonaïves, 2 Dec. 1986

Rice Wars, Artibonite: Conflict Between Gonaïves and L’Estère, 4 Dec. 1986

Foula on Mizik Rasin, 28 Dec. 1986

Cazale Massacre: 18 Years Later, 27 March 1987

Testimonies of April 26, 1986, Fort Dimanche Massacre (Mothers of Victims, Human Rights Observer) – one-year anniversary, 26 Apr. 1987

Tèt Ansanm members’ testimony, 3 July 1987

Jeunes Etudiants Chrétiens (JEC) of Port-de-Paix Support for Tèt Ansanm, 6 July 1987

Flooding in Downtown Port-au-Prince, Pont Rouge, Cité Soleil, 11 July 1987

Jean Rabel Massacre: Tèt Ansanm’s Call to Action and Solidarity, 21 July 1987

Interview with members of Tèt Ansanm/Witnesses, 28 July 1987

Father Jean-Marie Vincent on the Jean Rabel Massacre, 28 July 1987

Massacre Jean Rabel, Radio Soleil, 28 July 1987

Jean Rabel Massacre – Father Jean Rénald Clérismé, Nicol Poitevien, and Jean-Michel Richardson, 30 July 1987

Jean Rabel: Rémy Lucas and Jean-Michel Richardson, date unknown 1987

Inter-Actualités Magazine, Special Report: The Slaughter at Jean Rabel, late July 1987

Inter-Actualités Magazine, Special Report on Jean Rabel: Land Ownership, Anti-Communism, the Catholic Church, and Rumors, 16 Aug. 1987


Interview with members of Komite Pa Bliye (commemoration at Fort Dimanche, February 1991)

Editorial: Dechouke Boukman (Destroying Boukman), 21 March 1998


Tribute to a Free Man (Ochan pou yon nonm lib), 31 July 2000

Editorial: They Called Me Cassandra (On m’avait appelé Cassandre), 6 November 2001

Editorial: Why Jean Dominique?, 9 April 2002


Face à l’Opinion

Face à l’Opinion: André Corten on Haitian-Dominican Political and Economic Relations, 23 May 1995

Face à l’Opinion: Gilles Danroc on Justice, Peace, and Everyday Repression Under the Military Regime, 1991-1994, 10 July 1995

Face à l’Opinion: Father Rénald Clérismé on the First Anniversary of Jean-Marie Vincent’s Assassination, 24 Aug. 1995

Face à l’Opinion: Senator Jean-Robert Sabala on the November 1987 Election Violence and the US’s Seizure of FRAPH Records, 28 Nov. 1995

Face à l’Opinion: Anderson Charles, Jean François Germain, and Anosthène Eliscar on Peasant Organizations and Agricultural Policy in Haiti, 17 Jan. 1996

Face à l’Opinion: Danielle Magloire and Myriam Merlet on Women’s Rights, Ten Years After April 3, 1986

Face à l’Opinion: Senator Yvon Toussaint on State Corruption, 10 Apr. 1996

Face à l’Opinion: Senator Samuel Madistin on Corruption and Peasant Demonstrations in the Artibonite, 17 Apr. 1996

Face à l’Opinion: Ambassador Guy Alexandre on the Repatriation of Haitians from Dominican Republic, 22 May 1996

Face à l’Opinion: Senator Paul Denis on False Checks, Corruption, and Insecurity, 3 June 1996

Face à l’Opinion: Jean-Marie Drot on André Malraux in Haiti, 4 Dec. 1996

Face à l’Opinion: Magalie Marcelin and Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassègue on Violence Against Women, 19 Nov. 1997

Face à l’Opinion: Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine on Justice, Impunity and Memory in the Aftermath of the Coup Years, 16 Dec. 1997

Face à l’Opinion: Vertus Saint-Louis on Toussaint Louverture, 12 June 1998

Face à l’Opinion: Joseph “Ti Jò” Georges and Sony Estéus on Community Radio Stations, 21 July 1999

Face à l’Opinion: Rodolfo Mattarollo: OAS/UN Report on Human Rights in the Coup Years , 11 Oct. 1999

Face à l’Opinion: Agronomist Jean-Claude Delicé, Charles Suffrard, Anderson Charles on Agrarian Reform, 10 Jan. 2000


  1. Hi Can you please upload the interview with Antonio Paul (Jean Claude Paul’s Brother ) thx you

  2. Mèsi pou bèl travay achiv sa n ap fè a. Se Pèp Ayisyen, moun fanm ak gason Ayiti Toma ki va remèt nou sa. Souple èske n ta kapab mete Face à l’Opinion JeanDo te fè ak Leopold Berlanger, Cary Hector plis Jean Jacque Honorat anvan eleksyon 16 desanm 1990 yo.

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