Cazale Massacre: 18 Years Later, 27 March 1987

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Download: Masak Cazale: 18 lane aprè, 27/3/1987


Liliane Pierre-Paul reports from Cazale on the 18th anniversary of the 1969 massacre. The day prior to the broadcast, Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide gave a mass in commemoration, in which he spoke of liberty and justice. Several witnesses to and survivors of the massacre give emotional testimony about the burning of peasant houses, the pillaging and theft, and the rape of young girls by macoutes. Several members of the Haitian democratic movement attended, including Jean-Claude Bajeux of the Centre Oecumenique des Droits de L’Homme, René Théodore of the Parti Unifié des Communistes Haïtiens (PUCH), Gérard Pierre-Charles, Robert (Boby) Duval  of the Ligue des Anciens Prisonniers Politiques Haïtiens (LAPPH) and Monique Brisson.

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