Editorial: “They called me Cassandra” (On m’avait appelé Cassandre)

Download: On m’avait appelé Cassandre

Nineteen months after the assassination of Jean Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint, Michèle Montas penned this editorial about the increasing fragmentation of both the Lavalas movement and political opposition in Haiti, and political leaders’ growing  alienation from the needs and desires of the Haitian masses.  “They called him Cassandra,” she says of Jean Dominique, because like the prophet of Greek mythology, he foresaw these political shifts and spoke out against them, only to be silenced when his words proved true.

“For some, the solution is to destroy the thermometer in order to hide the fever.  To assassinate a journalist, to silence a defender of rights and freedom — will  that change the political situation?  It is clear today that only those critical voices might allow the ruling party to appreciate its proximity to the precipice toward which its leaders rush headlong, dragging with it the entire country.  Only those critical voices might allow the ruling party to save itself from collective seppuku.  And they called him Cassandra.” – Michèle Montas


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