Interview with members of Tèt Ansanm/Witnesses, 28 July 1987

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Download: Entèvyou ak manm Tèt Ansanm/Temwen, 28/7/1987


Interview with two members of Tèt Ansanm amid the ongoing massacre in Jean Rabel. The witnesses state that members of Tèt Ansanm went to La Montagne for a demonstration in solidarity with other oppressed peasants. Before the demonstration began, members of Tèt Ansanm were attacked with rocks and rifles. Four people were shot, three of whom subsequently disappeared. When the demonstrators tried to leave, they were blocked from leaving and herded into a narrow path where they were again attacked. The protestors tried to flee to the town of Jean Rabel, but there they were massacred. Many of the protestors were then taken to the prison or to the hospital, but they were not safe there, as the macoutes entered at will to threaten the survivors. The families of the hospitalized and imprisoned were watched, threatened, and attacked. When the protestors were released, the aggressors were waiting for them, and would kill them then. These two members of Tèt Ansanm have come on the radio to ask for help to liberate and save the survivors.  Interview Michèle Montas.

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