Jean Rabel Massacre: Tèt Ansanm’s Call to Action and Solidarity, 21 July 1987

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Download: Jan Rabel: Kout Lambi Tèt Ansanm, 21 jiyè 1987


A formal declaration and call to action and solidarity (kout lambi, literally a sounding of the conch shell) by a woman who represents the peasant organization Tèt Ansanm in Jean Rabel. Invoking the memory of Dessalines and Charlemagne Péralte, they call on other peasant organizations and the Haitian masses throughout the country to resist and oppose the macoutes and wealthy landowners who oppress and exploit them and who use their money and influence to divide and conquer. The speaker states that they should not be resigned and accepting; resignation is not a Christian value. On the contrary, God has given them the ability to resist.

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