Luckner Cambronne, Minister of the Interior – Press Conference, 23 Nov. 1971

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Download: Luckner Cambronne, Minis Enteryè – Konferans Laprès, 23 Nov. 1971


Luckner Cambronne, Minister of the Interior and leader of the Tontons Macoutes under Duvalier, holds a press conference during which he denies allegations that marijuana is grown in Haiti (claiming, instead, that it is a plant that resembles marijuana) and claims that there is no drug trafficking in Haiti and that he has not profited off any drug trade. Cambronne blames hippies, and states that “the Haitian people are allergic to that drug business,” except a few students who have been living abroad and Haitians with “long hair” (i.e. Afros). Cambronne also denies that the Duvalier regime arrests people for politics.

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