Jean Rabel Massacre, Radio Soleil, 28 July 1987

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Download: Masak Jan Rabel, Radyo Solèy


A journalist (from Radio Soleil) speaks to two witnesses – an unnamed man and woman — of the ongoing massacre in Jean Rabel. The witnesses report that while the massacre officially occurred on July 23, 1987, it is in fact ongoing. The aggressors  have formed special paid brigades and are continuing to threaten people in prison and in the hospital as well as their families, and to systematically kill peasants injured and hiding in the brush. The aggressors have also started rumors and are creating panic, so that people in the town of Jean Rabel falsely believe that the peasants are going to come kill them. These two witnesses have come forward to Radio Soleil to plead for assistance. A lot of talking and discussion is going on in Port-au-Prince, but people in the capital don’t realize that the massacre is still going on and people are dying every day. The speakers call on the Catholic Church, the bishops, the Red Cross, or any moral person to come with enough cars to transport and save the 120 or so people “who are left, whom they haven’t yet killed.” They say it is a duty for the Church to save them. 

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