“Tribute to a Free Man”: Homage to Jean Dominique, July 31, 2000

Download: Tribute to a Free Man (1), Tribute to a Free Man (2)

July 31 2000, for what would have been Jean Dominique’s 70th birthday, several musicians, singers, writers, poets, vodou practitioners, and friends came together to do a public tribute to the slain journalist.  Featuring Sosyete Gran Dra (vodou song), Emmelie Prophète (text), James Germain (song), Barbara Guillaume (song), So Kute (song), Boulout Valcourt (song), Faubert Bolivar (poem by René Philoctète), Samba Zao (Tintin Djo), Patricia Préval (song), and Beethova Obas (song).

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