Caritas’ Efforts to Replace the Creole Pig, November 1986

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Download: Reportage cochons créole/caritas Nov 86, 4ème partie

Discussion of the eradication of the Creole pig in the early 1980s (due to fears of swine flu) through the Programme pour l’Eradication de la Peste Porcine Africaine et pour le Développement de l’Elevage Porcin (PEPPADEP), and the eradication program’s deleterious effects on the peasants.  At the time, the Creole pig was a main source of financial possibility stability for peasant families — “the peasant’s bank.”  Initial attempts to replace Creole pigs with industrial North American pigs were disastrous, as the North American pigs were ill-suited to the environment and Haitian peasants lacked the means to care for them. The program discusses subsequent attempts by the Catholic NGO Caritas to replace the Creole pig with similar pigs imported from Jamaica.