Cayo Lobos – Who will take responsibility for the stranded Haitian migrants? November 1980

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Download: Cayo Lobos – Kiyès kap pran responsabilite ayisyen ki nofraje?


As the Haitian, Bahamian, and US governments and the United Nations negotiate what will happen to the more than 100 stranded migrants on Cayo Lobos, Jean Dominique interrogates spokesman William Kalis. Dominique states that Klaus Feldmann, the head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, sent a telegram to Bahamian Prime Minister Pindling at 3:30 pm, requesting that the Haitians on Cayo Lobos be granted refugee status under international law. Nearly eight hours later, Kalis states that the Prime Minister never received such a telegram, and that the only condition under which the Haitian migrants might be granted a temporary stay of deportation is if either the US, or the UN, takes full responsibility for the other 20,000 to 40,000 other undocumented immigrants in the Bahamas.